Spinach Pizza Dough!!

The.mr and I kind of have a pizza obsession, so when I saw the original recipe for this Spinach Pizza Dough on The Spiffy Cookie I KNEW I had to try it! It was def worth the effort! Who doesn’t like to find hidden way to eat greens!? Haha! I’m not a huge fan of spinach, but I couldn’t taste it in the dough at all.

I changed a couple of minor things…

The first was I used 6 oz of spinach instead of 5. Why? Because I had 6, and I didn’t want to waste the last ounce. *shrugs shoulders*

I also didn’t boil my spinach for very long… I ran it under super hot water to rinse it off, and it was looking a little wilted at that point, so I plopped it in the (barely) boiling water for just a few minutes. Probably not long enough.  *shrugs shoulders, again*

That left me with more spinach then ½ cup, so I didn’t add any water when I pureed it in the food processor.

When it came time to making the dough I noticed it was kind of dry, so I added the 2 tablespoons of water. I blame the dry dough on the fact that I didn’t add any water to the pureed spinach. And the fact that I only used 1 tablespoon of oil. *shrugs shoulders, aaaaagain*

I mixed & kneaded in the stand mixer the entire time. I probably could’ve taken it out and done it by hand… but I’m kinda lazy like that.

I added my sauce and toppings after I baked the crust for about 10 minutes. I like to “pre bake” the crust so it doesn’t get soggy.

This recipe gets thumbs up from the.mr and I. It’s going to be a great addition to pizza night at our house!!

Here’s the recipe for my version of Spinach Pizza Dough.


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