Coca-Cola Cake!!

Cola Cake is a “Southern” thing? Right? Well… according to The Southern Living Heirloom Cookbook it is! When I saw this recipe in there I knew I had to try it! I’ve made rum & coke cupcakes before, but never a plain Coca- Cola cake!

The cake itself was pretty good. Next time… I’m leaving the marshmallows out. They just floated there in the batter, mocking me. While the cake was cooking they all floated to the middle, and then they got all crusty on the top… I had to peel it off to get the middle to finish baking! I have no idea why!! I did bake it for the entire time recommended in the recipe, but I think I’ll bake it for a few minutes less next time. It was slightly overcooked.

OOPS! I forgot to mention the buttermilk thing! I used vinegar and whole milk instead of buttermilk. Just put ½ tablespoon in a measuring cup, then fill it up to ½ cup with milk and let it sit for 5 minutes before stirring it into the flour. It’s a decent substitute, and seemed to work out OK.

The frosting was the best part of this recipe. I love that I could just pour it over the top and be done! Oh, and it tasted freaking awesome. I *might* have licked the bowl. I’m kidding… I licked the spatula and the whisk that I used to stir/ mix the frosting.

Overall, and I liked this cake. Although, it tasted kind of basic, like a plain (slightly boring) chocolate sheet cake. I was hoping I’d be able to taste the cola. The next time I want a chocolate sheet cake, I think I’m going to try The Pioneer Woman’s version.

Happy Baking!

Would you like to try my version of Cola Cake? Here’s the link!


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