Super Easy Buffalo Chicken Salad!!

buffalo chix salad

I adapted this recipe from Buffalo Chicken Melts (pg 79) in the Skinny Taste Cookbook. Would you believe it if I told you this wasn’t even one of the recipes I bookmarked to try for my Cookbook Challenge? I don’t know how I missed it!

This Buffalo Chicken Salad was super quick to put together, especially because I used a roasted chicken from the grocery store.  I really love those things! is that weird?

I’m really not a fan of mayo. This was the first time in YEARS I’ve bought it. BUUUUT, you can’t even taste it. I used Kraft RF with Olive Oil, maybe that makes a difference.

If you own the cookbook, you can tell I didn’t change very much from the original recipe. The chicken can be diced or shredded. Or, you could do like I did and rip it up with my hands into tiny pieces. I added some extra onions. I weighed the ingredients, except for the celery… I just chopped up a single stalk.

I don’t know how many calories other chicken salad recipes have, but this one seems to be pretty low to me! I got 4 servings, with only 85 calories each. I think each serving was about 1/3 of a cup… and I had this for dinner last night. This morning I used the rest of the roasted chicken to make another batch for lunches! We both really liked it. It’s def going in my “quick meal” rotation.  I think this’d also be great to make in a big batch for a cook out.

Happy Making!

Here’s my Buffalo Chicken Salad recipe… now go make it! 😉


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