Holy Moly! It’s July.

I realize I haven’t posted anything in a while…

That’s because May & June have been kind of busy around here. Not crazy busy… just busy enough that I haven’t made an effort to bake anything new and exciting.

I ran some races. *Shout Out to all my fellow Back-Of-The-Pack runners!*

I spent a week in MD visiting my mom. We didn’t do much. And by that I mean… we spent most of our time together in antique malls looking at all the cool things we couldn’t afford. Also, this awesome string art Starship Enterprise that I didn’t buy (because the.mr would’ve killed me if I spent $150 on it). There was tons of time spent eating and drinking wine… I had a great time visiting my mom.

After I spent a week w/ Mom, her and my stepdad came down to help the.mr and I out with some yard work. I have to confess i don’t particularly enjoy weeding… or getting dirty for that matter. Lucky for me my mom is a wiz in the garden and my stepdad is excellent w/ power tools! They whipped our yard into shape in no time.

The.mr did a lot of traveling, so I didn’t do a lot of baking for 2. I did, however, do a lot of baking for one. My favorite single serve recipe that I tried over the past 2 months was THIS ONE from Picky Palate. It’s awesome. For real. It’s the best GIANT single serving chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten. When I said giant, I really meant giant. Just look at the pictures! I had half of it for lunch and the other half after dinner. And then I made it (again) the next time he went out of town.

We rounded out a busy 2 months by going to VA for a wedding! My sorority Big Sister got married! It also happens that she’s known the.mr for a very long time too. It was amazing to get back to town and see all our friends. The bride and ceremony where beautiful! The.mr spent most of our time in town golfing, while I spent it mostly laid up on the couch nursing an injured foot. There was catching up with some of my favorite people. Also… more food and wine. LOTS.

We had a great May & June, and the beautiful summer weather got here before I had time to blink! I can’t even…


PS. I have a bunch of pictures but for some reason they’re not uploading to WordPress. I guess I’ll have to try again later. 😦


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