(Slightly Healthy) Raisin Bran Oatmeal Cookies!!

I adapted this recipe from Feed Your Athlete. The first time I made it was for my Cookbook Challenge, and I thought it could use a little tweeking. That’s how this version of Raisin Bran Oatmeal Cookies was born!

I kept most of the original recipe together. Normally when I make oatmeal cookies I use regular oats. I used the quick outs this time because I wanted the cookies to be more mingled? Combined? What I mean is… with the Raisin Bran adding extra texture, I didn’t want the cookies to be too chewy/crunchy/gritty. I don’t even know how to explain it. 😉 I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a writer.

The original version of these cookies didn’t have enough raisins so I added an extra cup. I think some cranberries would’ve been good too. Maybe next time.

Adding Raisin Bran makes these cookies healthy. Right? Riiiiiiiight?! Also, I used the Raisin Bran that had Flax seeds… so it’s even healthier! Right?

I chilled the dough, because the original cookies flattened out a ton. I figured chilling the dough would help, and it did! #FTW!

I pretty much devoured these. Every time I walked by, I grabbed one. The.mr liked them as much as he liked any other oatmeal cookie. Meaning, he didn’t hate them, but he didn’t *need* to eat them.

These Raisin Bran Oatmeal Cookies are awesome. Go make them. Here’s the recipe!

Happy Baking!


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