Peanut Butter Layer Cake for Our 4th Anniversary!!

I made another layer cake! I liked the Funfetti cake so much I couldn’t help myself.

That’s only part true… what really happened is that The.Mr. and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary this week! He loveloveloves chocolate and peanut butter and I wanted to make him something special.

Most of the recipes I found online used a chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting. When I told my super special husband what I was making this week he “casually” mentioned that he’d rather have peanut butter cake and chocolate frosting.

I used the same basic cake recipe as the Boozy PB&J II Cupcakes (w/o booze and pb chips) and the Peanut Butter Cupcakes. It did rise a little bit in the oven, so after the cakes cooled I trimmed the tops off w/ a long knife… I think I got them pretty flat.

The ganache filling is adapted from and its freaking awesome! I made sure it was all the way cooled before I spread it on one of the cakes. Then when I put the other cake on top, I made sure the trimmed side was facing the ganache to cut the amount of crumbs I’d have to deal with. Ya know?

The chocolate buttercream is the same one I always use, and I’m 99% positive it came from Savory Sweet Life.  It’s my favorite. The recipe makes just enough for this cake.

This cake is super moist (*shudder* I hate that word). Between that and the ganache it’s a little messy at room temperature… but it’s totally worth it.

Overall this cake is a winner! We devoured it. I’m not going to tell you how quickly because that would be horribly embarrassing.

Check out my Peanut Butter (and Chocolate) Layer Cake recipe!

Happy Baking!


Basic Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

One day last week one of my friends from Virginia emailed me asking for a plain yellow cake recipe with chocolate frosting. Would you believe me if I told you I didn’t have one?! Seriously. I’m positive I’ve baked a simple (booze free) yellow cake… haven’t I?! And I KNOW I’ve made plain chocolate buttercream. Riiiiiight!?

Apparently not. Well… there was the one I used for the S’more cupcakes, but my notes specifically commented that it was DRY. Boo. I was embarrassed to email her back and tell her no.

Thus, this was born. Thus?! I don’t think I used that right, but it sounded cool, so whatevs.

I’ve had this shoved in my recipe binder forever. I assume that I’ve used it before… but I have no idea when.

Overall these cupcakes are good. The cake is nice and moist and the frosting has the perfect amount of chocolate flavor.

However, I had two problems with this recipe… the first is that it only made 21 cupcakes. That’s a really irritating number for me. It’s not 1 ½ dozen or 2 dozen… it’s annoying. If I had filled the liners less full of batter they wouldn’t have risen enough, so I guess I’m just going to have to deal with it. The second problem I have w/ this recipe is… well, it’s kind of boring. I’m not a plain cake kinda girl anymore. The whole time I was making these all I wanted to do was add a bunch of junk to them. Like jellybeans in the batter. That wouldv’e been seriously awesome. Assuming the jellybeans didn’t melt…

If you’re ever in the mood for a (slightly boring) yellow cake with chocolate frosting this is a good choice.

Happy Baking!


Click here for the recipe!