Soft & Chewy Butterscotch & Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

OMG. These might be my new favorite chocolate chip cookie! They’re perfect! Lightly brown on the bottom, soft & chewy throughout…

I found this recipe at Erica’s Sweet Tooth. I didn’t change any of the ingredients besides the chocolate chips (and the addition of butterscotch). I didn’t want to be too boring so I used 3 kinds of chips… but if you’re boring you could just use one kind. I won’t judge (too harshly).

I took the cookies directly from the freezer and put them on room temp cookie sheets right before I put them in the oven, that’s probably why I baked mine for a minute longer than the original.

The only thing I’d do differently is to double the recipe, and make the cookies 2x as big! Because the only thing that could make these better is… more.

Oh! In case you’re wondering… that other cookie in the second picture? It’s a chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with a snack size Reese’s inside. I might tell you about all the fun I had making that recipe later in the week.

Happy Baking!


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Cookie Dough Fudge & Cookie Dough Candy Cane “Pops”

First up is this Cookie Dough Fudge, it’s sooooo easy and super yummy! I barely adapted it from Cookies & Cups. I don’t have much to say about this fudge because everything went off without a hitch. I really love quick (microwave) fudge recipes!
I used THIS awesome Eggless Cookie Dough (minus the candy bars) from my girl Angie who blogs at Big Bear’s Wife. She’s a legit food blogger… you should go check out her site. but after you make my version of Cookie Dough Fudge!
Now, you only need 1 ½ cups of that cookie dough so you’re going to have LOTS leftover.  What are you supposed to do with it!? Besides hide it in the back of the fridge and shove it down your maw by the handful… oh, wait… maybe you should do what I did.
I made Cookie Dough Candy Cane “Pops”. All you have to do is take a tablespoon(ish) of cookie dough and wrap it around the hooked part of a mini candy cane. Then stick them in the freezer for about an hour. After they’re nice and chilled… dip the cookie dough tops in some melted chocolate chips, and cover them with sprinkles. Let the chocolate set and then eat them. Nomnomnom!
I forgot to count how many of these I actually made. I bought 2 boxes of 40 mini candy canes and used a whole box. I guess it’ll depend on how big you make you cookie dough balls. I also used a whole bag of mini chocolate chips. I normally buy candy melts… but this was a spur of the moment kitchen adventure and all I had in the pantry was mini chips.
I only had one small problem with these… I accidentally forgot to cover half of these when I put them in the freezer. The half I covered seemed to get stickier in my hands while I was dipping them… I think it might be from the condensation. Or something. Or it could be my imagination. 😉 Either way, if you’re only freezing these for an hour or so don’t bother covering them.
These Cookie Dough Candy Cane “Pops” are an easier version of THESE Peppermint Cookie Dough Truffles! So go make them. You won’t regret it. Your pants might. But your tastes buds won’t!
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!
PS. I just realized that there are 44  Cookie Dough Pops in the picture. So, I made at least 44. 😉

The Elvis Cupcakes!!

(Chocolate chip banana cake topped with peanut butter buttercream and garnished with chocolate covered bacon.)
Oh. My. Gaaaaawd. I think these Elvis inspired cupcakes might just be my new favorite thing to eat. It could be because they’re topped with peanut butter buttercream. Or maybe it’s because chocolate covered bacon is aaah-maaaa-zing. Even the banana cake is delish! Oh, I’m hoping I don’t have to explain why I called these The Elvis Cupcake, do I?
I adapted the cake recipe from a combination of ones off AllRecipes. I really wanted a “cakey” recipe as opposed to a bread type. This version really hit the trick. I used 3 medium sized brown bananas and it came out to about a “heaping” cupful.
The peanut butter buttercream is a standard buttercream that’s probably all over the internet. No matter, it’s freaking awesome. But… I do love peanut butter. If you don’t count the frosting I had to “taste test”, it made just enough frosting for these cupcakes. If you do count it… there’s PLENTY of frosting to top off 22 cupcakes.
I didn’t include the bacon garnish in the recipe because, after all, it’s just thick cut bacon that I cooked and cooled, then dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate. Let it set on a cookie sheet in the fridge for about 15minutes to harden. Then put it on top of your frosted cupcake. And eat one. Then try to avoid eating the whole batch. It’s tough. I know.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
So, you want to make The Elvis?